Why do a cleanse?

Your body is constantly bombarded with chemicals and other toxins every day, including pesticides, hormones and pollutants. Although our bodies are designed to naturally expel toxins via the skin, liver, kidneys, lungs and bowels, the toxin burden from our modern environment has grown too great for our bodies to keep up.

Without periodic cleansing, harmful substances continue to circulate in our bodies, eventually building up in our tissues. This is one reason there has been such a proliferation of chronic illnesses.

Bad habits, such as poor food choices and lack of exercise, are difficult to reverse without the help of a “kickstart.”

You can give your body a helping hand by periodically doing detoxification cleanses. Cleanses typically feature a diet of highly nutritious juices that support and boost the function of the organs responsible for detoxification, as well as gentle exercise and ample rest to optimize the body’s natural detoxification efforts.

The 3 Day Cleanse, an easy to follow program, is the minimum length of time needed to begin the detoxification process.

Get back in CONTROL of your HEALTH and WELLNESS again...in as little as 3 days

✓ Lose 5 pounds

✓ Jump start the reintroduction of healthy habits

✓ Break the addiction to caffeine and simple carbs

How often should you cleanse?

As often as you like! Most people cleanse every change of season, or when they need a kick start to get back on track to a healthy lifestyle change.  If you have an occasion to go to and want to lose a quick few pounds, that would be a good time as well.

How long should the cleanse be?

Obviously, the longer the cleanse, the more profound the results. If you have seen the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, available on Netflix, you have discovered what a 60 day juice fast can do for a person. The results are amazing! “Juice Feasting”, which is similar to a juice fast but allows you to consume more juice and protein shakes, makes it easier to complete the program with enough energy to get through the day.

Do you need a little push to get over the fence and back on track?

A 3 Day Cleanse, easily completed over a weekend, is the most effective choice!It will reset your system and get you started on a healthier lifestyle. The 3 Day Cleanse can help you to increase your energy, improve your digestion, clean your liver, lose weight and more!